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"I invite you to call me. You'll  find I'm easy to talk with.


Let's start your journey towards a life that works, is filled with meaning and purpose and is open and looking toward new possibilities!"

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My name is Geoffrey Plummer Cheek,

(Geof, pronounced Jeff) and for the last forty years, I've worked to help people solve problems and make their lives better.


I have a Masters Degree in Social Work and with that degree, I've specialized in being a counselor to individuals, couples and families.


I have been credentialed as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Indiana and a Licensed Independent Social Worker in South Carolina.


I've  worked in multiple settings that include ten years working for and managing New Avenues Employee Assistance Program in South Bend Indiana, Family Services of Bartholomew County (Indiana), and Community Mental Health.


I've worked for 12 years in addiction counseling at the Medical University of South Carolina and over ten years in private practice.


My approach to finding what works and expanding on it has enabled people to quickly change with joy and dignity.

I focus on human potential, on seeing "issues" as hidden skills and in working towards what "can be" instead of away from what "has been".


This is the essence of my coaching practice. 

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