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Individual coaching is a goal achieving interaction, a mutual investigation to determine

what could or should be changed to improve an area of your life. It is a precise series of

structured actions to accomplish your goals.



Coaching is the skill and expertise used to help you go from your idea of what you would like to improve, through a set of action steps, to a limited success and then finally to a success that is a part of you and your identity.

My career of forty- plus years has focused on learning and practicing the skills and technologies that help people change and grow. Helping you do this is what excites and enlivens me.


Individual coaching can be used to change your emotional reaction to a specific situation, like having greater confidence and comfort in public speaking, or feeling tolerant towards a coworker that in the past had you irritated or angry.


You could use individual coaching to increase your organization, such as clarifying your financial goals, having and living within your budget or reducing the clutter of things in your home.


If you can fill in the blank,

"I would like to be better at ___________",

then you can benefit from coaching.

We will build a relationship which can take place in face

to face meetings, over the phone, via Skype and FaceTime, email, text and other apps.


The choice of how to communicate and how often to work together is up to you, based on your unique personal needs.


I will help you create "doable" steps that can lead to the successes. That is, to create the steps that take what

you feel or think on the inside and evolve it into what you need to feel or think.


Or, when the goal is to change external actions, to create new behaviors that are easily enacted and that fit into your identity and sense of self.

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